July 22, 2014

New Month, New Shoes (July 2014)

Took some time off, now it's time for new shoes! Nude peeptoe booties were the style I wanted this spring/summer 2014 and found Steve Madden Nonstp at the mall for $99. The color natural leather is very versatile for a dress down or dress up look. A very good investment too for your feet with authentic soft leather that guarantees great fit for standing and long walks.

photo: zappos

November 9, 2013

Shoe Trends (Fall 2013): POINTY ANKLE BOOTS

Some of the hot ankle booties I've seen this season are from some of the best designers that I love.

screen capture photos from individual brand's websites

Valentino Bootie $975.00 

Tory Burch Theodora Bootie $495.00
Michael Kors Samara Ankle Boots $450.00
Zanotti I37045 001 $995.00

Zara Mid-heel Leather Ankle Boots $129.00

October 16, 2013

New Month, New Shoes (October 2013): ZARA Ankle Boots

Autumn is here once again, time does fly! Time to get those boots out of their boxes. If you got the classic riding boots, you won't need a new pair. They don't go dated and they surely will keep your legs warm this cold season. If you got ankle booties, there are always new styles out in the market. Some call them Shooties now (shoes that cover your ankles). I'd like to keep my boots for years to come so I always buy genuine leather. They maybe expensive now but they last long. 

TIP: When you choose to buy leather boots, go for styles that won't easily fade in 3-6 months. Here's what to consider when buying leather ankle boots: 
-heel height (4 inches or lower)
-toe shape (rounded toe although what's popular now is pointy-toe boots or the "witch" boots) 
-color (black and/or dark brown is the best and safest colors). 

I like ankle boots and I always go for a simple style. This season, here's what I got:

Check out ZARA Leather Ankle Boot with Heel and Buckle

photo: ZARA $99.00

September 1, 2013

Shoe of the Day: Kate Spade 'Le Taxi Heels'

I find this eye-catching, amusing yet classy all at the same time. Not everyday you see such novelty in shoes that is wearable. I love the pop of yellow - so alive! Le Taxi style is also available in flats.

Kate Spade Le Taxi Heels $550.00 katespade.com

August 9, 2013

New Month, New Shoes (August 2013): ALDO Abegaila

Two seasons ago, the English slippers (otherwise known and easier to google as loafers) came to the casual, dress down lookbooks and I failed to get a pair. I don't think I could pull off cats, dogs, spiders and monkeys though just to cover my toes. I came to like Charlotte Olympia's Spider Web Slippers (photo below) but for $675 - nah. Seasons later (early summer), my hunt started because we all know shoes are a lot less cheaper once people forget about them for awhile. So I got ALDO Abegaila for a steal! - which was 60 bucks. It was almost sold out and I probably got the last pair. Now what do I like about it? It's a lion. None of the above mentioned. I'm sure there are others that might be better but isn't Abegaila a rare find?

Other Animal Loafers:

Charlotte Olympia Spider Web

Marc Jacobs Dog Loafers

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Cat
Prada Embroidered Monkey Loafer

July 18, 2013

Shoe Trends (Summer 2013): Signature Flats

From bags and wallets to shoes! More and more ladies are wearing the signature flats. Can't blame them (no matter how costly), they are pretty to look at! Many are willing to shell out hundred bucks for these pairs and if you think you are investing on a genuine leather, classic flats that won't go dated after seasons, you are! 

TIP: For classic timeless flats, go for simple ones (such as the LV pair below). The wardrobe staple classic and chic quilted ballerina flats are great buys too such as Christian Dior's Cannage Leather Flats. Just make sure you check the sole material and the thickness of it. Once the outer soles wear out, they are quite hard to replace.Then, poof...there goes the bucks.

Check out the latest from these favorite names:

Louis Vuitton Debbie Ballerina $645.00 (photo: louisvuitton.com)

Michael Kors Delphine Logo Flat $125.00 (photo: michaelkors.com)

Tory Burch Chelsea Ballet Flat $112.00 (photo: toryburch.com)

Coach Ronda Ballet Flat $118.00 (photo:coach.com)

Gucci Canvas Ballet Flat $425.00 (photo: gucci.com)

July 16, 2013

Shoe Trends (Summer 2013): D' Orsay Shoes

D' Orsay (pronounced doorsay) generally refers to a pump style shoe in which the vamp is cut away on the sides, showing the arch and the side of the foot. However, now flats are more popular. The heels can be high or low, but usually it has a closed heel-back and toe. Read Peter Fox Shoes: What is D'Orsay. I love D'Orsay flats especially with skinny calf-length jeans and/or printed shorts to match a plain and simple monotone D'Orsay (just like the M.Blahnik one). Got a pair yet? Below are some of the styles and different forms of D'Orsay shoes. 

Tip: For affordable and budget-friendly cute D'Orsay flats, shop at Forever21.

Flats: Manolo Blahnik Soussaba D' Orsay

Wedge: COCLICO Jien
Pumps: Steve Madden Whisp Sandal

Bridal: Oscar de la Renta Satin Toe D'Orsay

Platforms: FENDI Layered Satin D'Orsay Pumps

June 14, 2013

Wedding 2013: Philippine Flag-Inspired Theme

Philippine Flag
After a long wait, my good old friend Mary Anne Ojeda is finally tying the knot! Getting hitched! Joining the Mrs bandwagon! And all of us who she calls friends have been waiting for this day. Although ecstatic that she is, I'm bummed about not seeing her wedding. She was my co-planner (ceremony side) in mine. It was a blast!

Now is her time, so she asked me for shoes. Now let me describe her. Petite, simple and conservative. She loves prints and solids, she loves colors in full blast. Now what makes being in the shoe-finding committee tough is that she is a size 5, she won't wear high high heels and she wants the colors of the Philippine flag which is her theme. She'd be wearing a white dress with a veil with patches of blue, yellow and red on it. She wants the shoes to match any of those solid colors.

So I looked for shoes online as my first act. I decided on blue since it's her favorite color (one of them). What I found are these:

Only to find out they don't carry size 5 anymore. I searched for red instead and found one that caught my fancy:

Which I think is too much for her. However, a woman will only get married once so I want to give her something that she could envision encased in a glass box and display it in her office or future bedroom with her hubby and look at it everyday as I do with mine.

For a little tamed choice, I'm thinking of this and is possibly what I'm getting for her. For 5 reasons:
1. This pair has the colors blue, red, white and yellow in subtle tones;
2. Garden-fresh if she is having a garden wedding
3. Low-heeled
4. Satin
5. Available in her size

And so...FLORAL it is!! (By Nine West) 
Glad she loves my choice.

New Month, New Shoes (June 2013): XOXO Dale Wedge

Ignorance on my part, I just didn't know that the brand XOXO now produces shoes. And the first pair I got from this brand is Dale Wedge from Macy's. It's one of those "oh it's cute that turns to impulsive buying" kinda purchase. It's a delicious pale pastel color in nude and yellow in very low wedge heels you won't even know they're there.

June 11, 2013

Summer 2013: Slides are back!

Summer is here but the platforms are still in? Rest your soles this season and catch the latest buzz on the shoe world, check out the slides! Remember the slides you used to wear when summer hit the city and you were to sun and heat beat up to bend down and tie your pretty ankle-tie thick wedges? Slides are so comfy and easy to use but can easily go wrong from looking very chic casual to I'm-going-to-the-market-today get up. So choose the slides you want to wear this summer for your days out. For slides guide this 2013, choose those with broad straight upper straps and thin low heels (no platforms) to 3 or 4 inches high wedges.

ABS by Allen Schwartz now on sale $89.99 Macy's
Rebecca Minkoff Rae Slide Sandal $245.00 Shop Bob

Manolo Blahnik Gheniaba Specchio Thong Sandal $451.00 Bergdorf Goodman

Joan & David Paladina $170.00

Lucky Brand Miller2 Wedge $79.00 Macys

April 13, 2013

New Month, New Shoes (April 2013)

I've never owned kitten heels before. I know it is time to own a pair now that I have a bundle of joy to carry. With all the killer heels and platforms everywhere out there, it has gotten difficult to look for sophisticated low-heeled pumps. But I found what I like in Ivanka Trump footwear. They are comfy, pointy, 3-inch low and classy satin.

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April 7, 2013

Green out your closet (part 2)

It's spring cleaning time! How are you doing with yours? It's been taking me days! Once you start digging, you just can't stop. Oh boy, the stuff you will find there deep in the closet, the boxes, the drawers and when you're done, you will be wondering why "why did I ever buy that?" or "hmm, I still need this, I can't toss that out" - the latter, if you got this attitude, by the way, you will just end up putting all the stuff back in the closet. Spring cleaning is all about (yes!) cleaning and taking out all what is dated and NOT NEEDED. If your wardrobe needs reinventing and you feel that you need to be ready for Spring/Summer 2013, get all those last season 2012 spring items and take them to the nearest donation store/office so others who need them can wear them! It is important, however, to classify what's trash and what's not. Read Green out your closet (part 1) to know more. I'm about done with my donation box, this time I will take them to Goodwill of Silicon Valley. Also you can go to the nearest Salvation Army to donate your goods.

When I got to my shoes, I realized there are a lot of pairs I don't wear anymore but they are still here. I own these pairs for years now. And I mean YEARS - like 5 years ago (the oldest) and a year ago (most recent). Many came and left my shoe closet but these are always the mainstays. Some do not fit me anymore but I still love them, I can't give them away. They're not even expensive! But they will always be here for their sentimental values. 

I love bows in shoes :)

April 4, 2013

New Month, New Shoes (April 2013)

Spring is here and for me, it is the best time of the year (early spring) to go just about anywhere to walk, hike, jog and stroll. What's better is to push that baby stroller all the way to the nearby park. I'm still on my path to full recovery (from C-section) and brisk walking accelerates healing. Since I am very serious about losing that baby weight, get to healing and be in better health, I also got serious about searching for the right - and I mean a pair that helps me with my walking exercises - pair of exercise sneakers.

The last time I bought sneakers was 2 years ago with my PUMA Soleil which was a great pair only now they weren't as supportive as they were when they were new. So it's time to ditch them. I still love puma.

So once I was able to own a pair of Nike. They were great as well but if you want the latest Nike, you better be prepared to shell out serious pocket money. And I'm not (ha!). I like my new Reebok because:

1. lightweight
2. insides don't easily get wet
3. insoles are sturdy
4. easy to clean
5. outer soles have the support you need for extra bounce 
6. super comfy
7. easy to spot neon details (for safety in the dark)

I'm all for health lately. I try to walk (even on weekends) for at least 1 hour everyday. I walk slow so it takes me 2 hours to complete my routine. It does a lot of good for me and my baby gets her much needed sun and fresh air as well. She learns to appreciate the beauty of nature! Isn't that great?

How long do you exercise?

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photo: www.maysheels.com

Reebok Sublite Duo (amazon.com) - $62.00