February 9, 2012

DIY: Baby Crib Shoes

Here is a fun (but tedious) DIY shoe project. No, it's not for ladies but for BABIES! I remember I was in the process of learning how to construct shoes. Making one for my left and right size 8s were much too work so I decided to make smaller ones since I was just learning anyway. I purchased a pattern from etsy.com. It's one of those 10 dollar patterns good for 3 sizes. The seller emails the pattern to you (it comes with instructions) after you purchased it. So I started doing a pair using a polka dot fabric that I got from a local singer store. It took me about 2 hours to finish a pair for a 6-month-old! It was hard work but it was creative, it was fun, it was a learning process for me. After 3 different pairs, I was done. It doesn't get any better than my first 3 pairs - pink, brown and turquoise.

What do you think of my baby crib shoes? They even come with pouches!

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